AFG for Gut Integrity

AFG®: Animal Feed Grade

Support Gut Integrity with Sulfate

AFG® – Animal Feed Grade is a feed additive for all classes of poultry that provides improved bird performance by increasing gut integrity.

Containing 19.7% sodium* and 80% sulfate, AFG is a non-chloride sodium source with the highest sulfate content of any additive. In the GI tract, sulfate ions bind to the mucin molecules that compose the mucus layer, and this helps to protect the mucus layer from bacterial and enzymatic degradation. By making the mucus layer more resilient, AFG helps:

  • Protect the intestinal epithelial layer, thus improving intestinal morphology and function1
  • Enhance nutrient absorption for better bird performance2
  • Prevent intestinal damage during a coccidiosis challenge3

The Unique Makeup of AFG: Three Components, Multiple Benefits

The unique composition of AFG provides multiple health and performance benefits to the birds while allowing nutritionists flexibility in formulation.

Why Feed AFG

Research studies and field data have shown the significant and far-reaching value of AFG.


Increased carcass yield and increased breast yield (% of carcass)


Improved gut morphology and decreased gut leakage (FITC-D assay)


Decreased kill age and increased livability


Increased average daily gain


Improved FCR


Increased AA digestibility

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Added Benefits of AFG

AFG reduces salt inclusion levels and unnecessary chloride levels in the diet while maintaining dietary electrolyte balance (DEB) and gut integrity to positively impact bird performance and environment.

Positively Impact Litter Quality

AFG promotes balance in the GI tract for less flushing and better litter conditions, thereby supporting welfare and performance.

Support Performance During Heat Stress

AFG helps maintain water intake to support performance during heat stress.

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Product details

– Contains 19.7% sodium* and sulfur (26%)
– Inclusion rate between 0.3% and 0.4% in diet
– Available in 50 lb. bags, 2,000 lb. totes and bulk
– GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status under FDA
– Mixes well in diets
– Produced in compliance with Food Safety and Modernization Act
– Recognized by AAFCO

*sodium range 19.5% – 19.9%

Implementation and Product Support

We understand that feed mills are diverse and complex operations. Our experienced, highly-trained engineering and technical support staff are ready to assist you in adding AFG to your feed mill operation to ensure a smooth, safe and accurate implementation.

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