AFG®: Animal Feed Grade

Chloride-Free Sodium Source + Acidification

AFG® – Animal Feed Grade is a general-purpose feed additive recommended for all dietary phases. Research has shown its ability to improve production performance and effectively acidify feed.

Containing 19.9% sodium and 26% sulfur with a pKa of 1.9, AFG is the only acidifier and non-chloride sodium source available. Its composition and strong acidic properties work with the natural physiology of poultry to help:

  • Reduce crop pH and the buffering effects of diets in the upper GI tract
  • Support gut integrity and decrease impacts of enteric stress on performance
  • Promote proper enzymatic activity

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The Makeup of AFG: Three Components, Multiple Benefits

The unique formulation of AFG allows it to provide multiple health and performance benefits while serving as a chloride-free sodium source to give nutritionists flexibility in formulation.

Adding AFG to Your Formula

AFG is suitable for replacing non-chloride sodium sources, such as sodium sesquicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate.

Unlike other non-chloride sodium sources like Sodium sesquicarbonate, that has a pH above 9, AFG will not raise the pH of the upper GI tract.

AFG is approved for use in broiler and turkey diets.

Product details

– Contains sodium (19.9%) and sulfur (26%)
– Inclusion rate between 0.2% and 0.4% in diet
– Available in 50 lb bags and 2,000 lb totes
– GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status under FDA
– Mixes well in diets
– Produced in compliance with Food Safety and Modernization Act
– Recognized by AAFCO

Benefits of AFG

AFG reduces salt inclusion levels and unnecessary chloride levels in the diet while maintaining dietary electrolyte balance (DEB) and gut integrity to positively impact bird performance and environment.

Positively Impact Litter Quality

AFG promotes balance in the GI tract for less flushing and better litter conditions, thereby supporting welfare and performance.

Mitigate Performance Losses in Challenged Birds

Research has shown AFG supports the structural integrity of the intestine and can mitigate performance losses in coccidiosis-challenged birds. Learn more

Support Performance During Heat Stress

AFG helps maintain water intake to help support performance during heat stress.

Reduce Ammonia Emissions from Litter

AFG helps preserve proper electrolyte balance, which has been shown to help reduce excess litter moisture – a main contributor of excess ammonia generation. Learn more

Learn more about AFG - Animal Feed Grade

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