Pools and Spas

pH and Alkalinity Reduction

When pool water is too acidic it can corrode equipment and cause skin and eye irritations. If it’s too alkaline, scaling can occur and water can become cloudy. Both can impact the effectiveness of chlorine. Sodium bisulfate is the solution.

Sodium Bisulfate for Pools and Spas

SBS Tech Grade is the safest product available for pH reduction in home and institutional swimming pools and spas. Sodium bisulfate is the ideal acid choice for several reasons:

  • No Fumes. Sodium Bisulfate doesn’t fume, which decreases the danger to eyes, lungs and skin.
  • No Dangerous Splashes. As a dry, granular acid, sodium bisulfate is less reactive than other acids if spilled and can be easily removed from skin with plain water or simply swept up from surfaces and returned to its container.
  • Fewer Regulations. Unlike other acids, Sodium Bisulfate is classified as a non-hazardous material and thus requires less local, state and federal regulatory control than other pH lowering chemicals. It has also been named to the EPA Safer Chemical Ingredients List (SCIL).
  • No Special Application Equipment Required. Transporting, storing and applying Sodium Bisulfate is easy. Just keep it in a covered container and apply as directed.
  • Safer for poolside accessories and equipment. Hydrochloric acid splashes can mar carpeting and furniture and fumes can corrode metals of accessories or vehicles during transport. Sodium bisulfate is safe and easy to clean up if spilled and won’t fume and cause corrosion.
  • Economical. Not only is Sodium Bisulfate affordable to use, its safer usage characteristics mean fewer unanticipated costs due to spills and fuming.