Cleaning Compounds

Widespread Use in Cleaning Compounds

From almost the beginning, Jones-Hamilton Co. has manufactured sodium bisulfate (SBS) for cleaning applications, including toilet bowl cleaners Vanish® and Sani-Flush®. SBS quickly gained strength in the marketplace as a dry, mineral acid that is very safe to use and capable of handling both simple and complex pH management requirements that are necessary in managing complex cleaning needs.

Sodium Bisulfate for Cleaning Compounds

Sodium bisulfate acts as the acidifier and main cleaning ingredient in many compounds for cleaning cement, railroad cars, brass, lavatories, showers, and metals. Due to its consistent particle size, sodium bisulfate is compatible with most formulae, enabling its use by contract packers producing their own brand name products as well as those repackaging for major companies.

In particular, SBS Tech Grade is the major component in most dry bowl cleaner formulations. A typical U.S. formulation consists of 64-70% SBS by weight with salt, soda ash, surfactant and a dye. These cleaners are very popular for hard water areas that generate iron deposits.