Expertise and Quality in Chemicals

Chemicals Division – Quality, Safety, Simplicity

The Jones-Hamilton Co. Chemicals Division brings ease and expertise to companies across the U.S. and Canada by safely delivering high quality products with a focus on customer satisfaction. 

As a manufacturer of chemicals, we have gained first-hand understanding of chemical handling, storage, transportation and packaging, allowing us unique insight into our customers’ challenges. Due to our size and position in the market, we are able to leverage that insight to tailor systems and processes that meet individual customer needs without sacrificing our strict standards of quality operation.

We are an ISO 9001 facility whose chemicals meet NSF and FCC standards.


We responsibly serve the HCl needs of many major markets

Caustic Soda

Raw material access yields supply during both long and short markets.

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Relationship Focused

We respect that our customers are dealing with their own daily challenges. Satisfying their chemical needs with a single phone call is what sets us apart. Our complete focus on serving customers is evident in 24/7 availability of our sales, customer service and technical teams, and the purchase of trailers and a rail car fleet for streamlined operations.

As an employee-owned company, our employee owners realize that focusing on excellence in daily efforts creates a sustainable business capable of meeting the immediate and long-term needs of customers and employees alike.

Safety Focused

The chemical industry is constantly upgrading processes to ensure a safe working environment. Jones-Hamilton Co. personnel provide safety training as well as HCL storage and unloading site inspections to ensure customers follow safe chemical handling and storage standards.

Responsible Care

Sustainably Driven

Driven by a social responsibility to our suppliers, communities and environment, our focus on sustainable practices drives daily business. Not only do our efforts work to reduce resource consumption and overall environmental footprint, they promote innovation and company financial strength.

As part of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), Jones-Hamilton Co. has participated in the Responsible Care program since 1988, gaining the Responsible Care 14001 certification in 2005 which requires the dedication of all company personnel from the plant operators to the president.

Strategically Connected

Strategically Connected

Participation in industry associations provides the Chemicals Division with best practice techniques that protect our employees, neighbors and customers.

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