Animal Agriculture Solutions

Solutions and Support for Evolving Animal Agriculture

Jones-Hamilton Co. entered the animal agriculture industry in the early 1990s in response to the demand for ammonia control solutions for poultry houses. Working with partners in academia, the company introduced PLT® to growers and integrators as an easy-to-apply and affordable solution to control the volatilization of ammonia in litter.

Since that time, Jones-Hamilton Co. has expanded its product line and built a reputation as a leading provider of environmental solutions and support.

Satisfying Diverse Acidification Needs

Ongoing research through numerous academic and private research institutions began to extend product applications of sodium bisulfate from commercial poultry litter to other areas, including:

In any application in dairy farms, the fundamental benefit is the management of air, bedding or water to improve the quality of the environment of the animal, usually expressed as the control of pH.

Water Acidification for All Livestock

Manage water pH is a key goal of our agricultural division. PWT® is the strongest animal feed grade mineral acid available and it requires a low addition rate to acidify drinking water to biologically effective low pH levels for:

  • Poultry drinking water
  • Swine drinking water
  • Maximize chlorine effectiveness for waterline cleaning and sanitation