Sustainability, Quality & Safety

An Unyielding Focus on Safety, Quality and Sustainability

At Jones-Hamilton Co., our focus is on safe, sustainable practices that yield dependable products and drive daily business. Driven by a social responsibility to our employees, customers, suppliers, communities and the environment, our efforts work to reduce resource consumption and our overall environmental footprint while promoting innovation and company financial strength.

We strive for continual improvement in the areas of process safety, pollution prevention, product safety, distribution, employee health and safety, emergency response, and security as identified under the guiding principles of Responsible Care®. View our current Responsible Care certificate here.

Responsible Care

A Focus on Safety

Employee health and safety is an integral part of our business strategy and is essential to our success as evident in our EHS policy. We manufacture and distribute all products in a manner that ensures responsible handling and product use throughout the value chain. As an employee-owned company, we encourage individual ownership of health and safety initiatives in order to continually improve conditions in their areas of responsibility.

Our focus on safety is extended to customer sites through our value-added customer presentations and HCl site safety review services. Backed by more than 60 years of expertise in HCl production and handling, and our commitment to Responsible Care, our team delivers up-to-date information on HCl and new ideas to bolster safe handling, transfer and storage processes. We firmly believe the better we all understand the products we work with, the safer it will be for the employees, community, and our environment.

Environmental Stewardship

Our dedication to responsible stewardship is visible in the actions of our employees, stringent corporate safety policies and dedication to creating sustainable products that promote the reduction of natural resources and lower emissions.




Traceable Product Quality

Our focus on ensuring product quality is evident in our traceability program. Designed to quickly identify possible sources of contamination, including raw materials, packaging supplies, personnel practices and in-line process equipment, we track across manufacturing and distribution processes — forward or backward.

Our traceability program can be quickly activated in response to a known or suspected breech of product integrity — allowing for the quick and controlled recovery of suspect product. To ensure the process is effective, we conduct mock recalls semi-annually at a minimum — tracking from raw material to finished product and again from finished product to raw material. We verify all key records including raw material, inspection, receiving, production, packaging, quality control, maintenance and visitor records.

View Food Safety and Quality Policies (OH, SC)