Animal Nutritional Health

Improving animal health through nutrition

As the manufacturer of an inorganic mineral acidifier, Jones-Hamilton Co. understands the role of pH in nutrition. Our Animal Nutritional Health Division focuses on improving health and performance in production and companion animals.

Animal Feed Acidification

With the reduction and in some cases elimination of antibiotics in commercial poultry production, feed acidification has proven to be a suitable alternative due to its ability to minimize bacteria growth on feed, and its beneficial impact on gut health and feed conversion.

By helping to maintain gut integrity, even during stressful rearing conditions, acidification can enable optimal nutrient absorption and improved feed efficiency.

Talk to a member of our team about our animal feed acidifer, AFG®, today.

Natural Acidifier for Petfood

SBS Pet® is a natural acidifier for the pet food industry used in dry cat food for feline urine acidification and in soft treat and liquid digest for pH reduction and preservation. Petfood nutritionists value the ability of sodium bisulfate to reduce the risk of urinary tract disease, increase food stability and reduce pH, boost palatability for felines, and control Salmonella in dry food post extrusion.