Our History

The History of Jones-Hamilton Co.

Since our inception in 1951, our responsible approach to delivering consistent, high-quality products has fueled our growth and cemented our reputation as a dependable supplier to diverse industries.

March 1951

Company Founded

Company founders, J. Kern Hamilton and Jim Black, began blending and packaging agricultural and industrial process chemicals to various manufacturers from their location in California.


Ohio Manufacturing Plant Constructed

A plant was built to manufacture sodium bisulfate (SBS) and hydrochloric acid (Hcl).

March 1984

ESOP Formed

Jones-Hamilton Co. became an employee-owned company–a decision that has proven to improve employee morale, commitment and dedication.


PLT® litter amendment introduced

It was discovered that SBS could eliminate ammonia in commercial poultry houses; PLT® Poultry Litter Treatment, was introduced to growers and integrators as an easy-to-apply and affordable solution.

March 1998

SBS approved for use in animal feed and water

Applications of SBS were extended to satisfy other needs in companion animals (SBSPet™), drinking water acidification (PWT®) and animal feed. Agriculture uses were also extended to turkey production and dairy bedding and footbaths (ParlorPal™).


SBS approved for use in human food

The formulation challenges of improving shelf life with acidification without affecting flavor was overcome with the introduction of food grade sodium bisulfate, pHase®.


Company incorporates in Ohio, closes California operation

Due to proximity to raw materials and customers, company relocates corporate office to Ohio and closes California operations.


Ohio manufacturing plant expands

Based on increased needs of customers, Ohio facility increases manufacturing capacity.

March 2015

South Carolina manufacturing plant opens

A state-of-the-art SBS and HCl facility was opened in Richburg, SC, creating 20 full-time jobs and positioning the company for significant growth. As the company’s second production facility, the location strengthened the company’s ability to serve customers.

July 2019

South Carolina manufacturing plant expands

In accordance with the original site design, the South Carolina facility expanded in summer 2019.