Invested in Understanding Nutrition

Animal Nutritional Health Division – Addressing Health Challenges through Nutrition

The Jones-Hamilton Co. Animal Nutritional Health Division delivers scientifically-proven solutions designed to help veterinarians and nutritionists address pressing animal health challenges through feed.

As the leading global manufacturer of sodium bisulfate (SBS) for more than 60 years, no other company has a greater understanding of the characteristics, capabilities and value of this dry mineral acid. Our technical expertise, manufacturing capacity and dedication to research on the benefits of sodium bisulfate in multiple species is matched only by our attention to customer satisfaction.

Our experienced technical team works with academic leaders to progress research on the impact of nutrition on animal health.

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Scientifically Driven

From struvite crystal formation in felines to intestinal integrity and gastrointestinal challenges in poultry, our passion lies in finding understanding of how sodium bisulfate can help an animal leverage nutrition to respond to health challenges. By investing in private and academia-based research, we are able to better satisfy animal needs and industry demands.

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Safety Focused

Our dedication to safety can be seen in our products and our practices. Animal feed grade SBS is a strong, dry acid that is safe to handle, classified as non-hazardous for transportation and Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. We work to add value while ensuring quality and safety, evident in our designation as an AAFCO General Purpose Feed Additive.

Relationship Driven

As an employee-owned company, we are invested in building enduring relationships that can benefit from our domestic and global distribution systems and technical expertise. In addition to the expedited delivery of quality products, we add value by empowering employees to drive innovation and solve real-world challenges for the good of the customer and the company.