Metal Finishing

The safe, convenient acid

For decades, sodium bisulfate (SBS) has been used in a variety of acid baths to remove surface imperfections and corrosion products prior to final finishing.

Sodium Bisulfate for Metal Finishing

As the major component in dry acid bath formulations, sodium bisulfate baths will clean steel, copper, brass, zinc, aluminum, nickel, magnesium, titanium and stainless steel. Typical uses are for pickling, scale removal, rust removal and etching.

Sodium bisulfate from Jones-Hamilton Co. is preferred over other acids for numerous reasons:

  • No fuming. Sodium bisulfate solutions do not fume.
  • No vapors. Vapors can corrode equipment. Since sodium bisulfate solutions do not fume, unintended corrosion to plant equipment is eliminated. The lack of vapors also mitigates the exposure of personnel to acids, minimizing the risk of irritation and/or injury.
  • Safe. Sodium bisulfate is a dry, granular solid, classified as non-hazardous by the DOT.
  • Convenient. Sodium bisulfate is provided in convenient 50 lb. or 2,000 lb. supersacks.
  • No excess heat. Dissolving sodium bisulfate results in a no heat reaction. While dilution of sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid can cause extreme heat and splattering, solutioning sodium bisulfate actually results in a small drop in temperature. As a result, the danger of preparing an acid bath is greatly reduced.

Sodium bisulfate can also be used as a pickling liquor or an activator.