Employee Ownership

Employee Ownership: A Culture of Shared Success

An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is an employee benefit plan that offers advantages to owners, the company, and employees. It allows employees to become beneficial owners of the stock in their company and provides unique rewards. Participants in the plan can receive significant retirement benefits at no monetary cost to them.

ESOP companies often have ownership cultures that encourage employees to think and act like owners, and research shows that they are more productive, faster growing, more profitable and have lower turnover.

As an employee-owned company, we experience increased productivity and motivation, and high employee morale, innovation and engagement.

Nearly Four Decades as an ESOP

Jones-Hamilton Co. became an ESOP in 1984 – a decision that has proven to improve employee morale, commitment and dedication. More than 100 employees with an average tenure of 10 years continually focus on furthering innovation, enhancing customer service and developing supplier relations.


Our team leverages first-hand experience and new research to bring insight to a rapidly changing industry. The focus on innovation can be seen in the development of new SBS applications and product acquisitions. The entire Jones-Hamilton Co. team—from our leadership and sales force to our customer service and production teams—work together to maximize current opportunities and investigate new markets.

Customer Satisfaction

As an employee-owned company, our employee owners realize that focusing on excellence in daily efforts creates a sustainable business capable of meeting the immediate and long-term needs of customers and employees alike. Our complete focus on serving customers is evident in the 24/7 availability of our customer service and sales teams, and ongoing presence in the field to help customers address costly environmental issues.

Employee Tenure

With more than 100 employees and an average tenure of 10 years, our employee-owners invest their time and efforts in the success of the company as well as their surrounding communities. Our employees give back through volunteering, charitable giving and engagement in local education groups. In addition, the company provides great benefits (Meritain) and support.