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Agricultural Division – Twenty-five years of scientifically proven solutions

The Jones-Hamilton Co. Agricultural Division brings industry expertise and scientifically-proven solutions to the animal agricultural industry. As the global leader in sodium bisulfate manufacturing, we are able to consistently deliver reliable, high-quality products that enhance animal welfare, lower emissions and promote the conservation of natural resources.

It is our thorough understanding of customer needs, dedication to education, and focus on developing long-term relationships that sets us apart and allows us to successfully address key industry challenges.

Our reputation as litter management experts was built by bringing research-backed solutions and expert support to poultry producers worldwide.

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Relationship Focused

Our complete focus on serving customers is evident in the 24/7 availability of our customer service and sales teams, and ongoing presence in the field to help producers address costly environmental issues. Our team leverages first-hand experience and new research to bring insight to a rapidly changing industry.

Participation in state and national industry associations provides the Agricultural Division with the contacts and insights to better serve our customers and employees alike.


Research Driven

The Agricultural Division was founded and expanded through a focus on academic and private research in an effort to improve environmental conditions in animal production. It started with our flagship product, PLTĀ® – Poultry Litter Treatment, for broiler production and has expanded to multiple product lines for various types of poultry and livestock.

Environmentally Responsible

We are an ISO 9001 facility with a robust cradle-to-use traceability program that enables quick and controlled recovery of suspect product with bi-directional tracking across the manufacturing and distribution process. Our dedication to environmental stewardship is evident in our comprehensive safety and corporate sustainability programs as well as the delivery of EPA Safer Choice products that:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Are free of heavy metals and toxins
  • Break down into products naturally found in the environment (hydrogen, sodium and sulfate)

Education Leader

By dedicating resources and personnel to provide continuing education at all levels of animal production, we promote multi-dimensional problem solving aimed at creating optimal welfare conditions, enhancing performance and minimizing environmental challenges. Backed by 25 years of first-hand experience, our team leads the continuous refinement and promotion of environmental best management practices in poultry production.