Poultry Litter Acidifier

Eliminate Ammonia, Lower Litter pH

PLT® litter amendment lowers litter pH and eliminates ammonia for improved air quality in poultry houses. As the only litter amendment that can be safely applied with birds in the house, PLT® helps maintain air quality from placement through growout. Plus, PLT® helps poultry producers decrease environmental emissions and increase the nutrient value of poultry litter.


  • Immediately binds ammonia for improved air quality
  • Lowers pH of poultry litter (8.5 average down to 2.0) creating an environment unfavorable for bacteria growth
  • Paw quality improves through the reduction of ammonia released from litter
  • Enables safe reuse of litter–eliminating cost of new litter and cleanout
  • Ammonia bound in the litter is beneficial to crops and forages, and increases the nitrogen fertilizer value
  • Can be safely used in any production model (traditional, antibiotic free, no antibiotics ever, raised without antibiotics) anytime throughout the growout cycle
  • Can be applied with any type of spreader or with professional application services
PLT 25th

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