Suarez Named Division Manager, Specialty Products

Jones-Hamilton Co. announces the appointment of Juan C. Suarez, PhD as Division Manager, Specialty Products Division. With his wealth of experience in technical sales, account management, customer relations, and strategy, company leadership is confident in his ability to elevate the division to new heights.

“I take immense pride in being a part of a crucial company segment that has a rich history in diverse marketplaces that span the globe,” commented Suarez. “I approach this opportunity with excitement and inspiration, fully cognizant of the significant impact we can make in alignment with the company’s long-term vision”.

Suarez, who currently also serves as the Animal Nutritional Health Division Manager, is an accomplished leader with a proven track record of achieving multimillion-dollar sales in the U.S. and Latin American animal production and companion animal industries. In addition to sales and management, he is well-versed in research and development, holding a Master of Science with a concentration in animal immunology and a Ph.D. in Poultry Nutrition from Texas A&M University.

Suarez joined Jones-Hamilton in 2017 and has since been exposed to the multitude of sodium bisulfate applications associated with the Specialty Products Division. He appointed Business Development Manager, Hernaldo Vanegas, in 2023 to support the division’s expansion goals.

The Specialty Product Division markets SBS Tech Grade, a technical grade sodium bisulfate used in more than 30 applications, including pools and spans, metal finishing, cleaning compounds, soil remediation, food ingredients and food processing, and more.

“We look forward to the development of new markets and applications, the strengthening of customer relations, and the continued fortifying of our global presence,” commented Jones-Hamilton President/CEO, Tim Poure.