Simplicity and Efficiency in Cleaning

SWASH™ by JH – Supporting Clean, Hygienic Environments

The SWASH™ by JH product line goes beyond traditional soaps and detergents to increase the efficiency of standard cleaning processes in animal agriculture. With the shift toward antibiotic-free production in poultry and pork, and an overall focus on animal welfare, the benefits of making it easier to create clean environments for animals are significant. This division is focused on making cleaning easier and improving hygiene in animal agriculture easy and more efficient while promoting resource conservation. 

SWASH™ is a proprietary liquid that inhibits the ability of dust, soil and other organic matter to build up on surfaces, increasing the efficiency of cleaning processes and improving overall hygiene in poultry and swine facilities. Enhanced cleaning processes means less water and time is needed to maintain clean, hygienic environments for animals, allowing producers to focus on other areas of animal care.

While every SWASH™ product is uniquely formulated to the distinct needs of the target application, each offers producers a way to maintain clean equipment and environments on the farm, decrease cleaning time and associated labor costs and reduce water usage.

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Safety Enhanced

The SWASH™ product line goes beyond traditional soaps and detergents to increase the efficiency of standard cleaning processes in animal agriculture, making it easier to create clean, hygienic environments for animals.

Conservation Supported

From manufacturing processes to product use, conservation is a key focus. Our environmentally-friendly products reduce water usage in swine and poultry facilities which equates to decreased natural resource consumption as well as less wastewater in swine lagoons. In poultry houses, water is a key variable in ammonia generation; this delivers an added benefit to water conservation.

Performance Maximized

SWASH™ is available in four distinct formulas tailored to meet the unique demands of the application, including evaporative cooling pads, farm vehicles and equipment, hatcheries, poultry and swine houses and dairies.

Industry Understanding

Led by agriculture industry veterans who are active in industry groups such as the National Pork Producers Council and state poultry associations, the SWASH™ Division understands pressing industry challenges. Our technical support team knows every penny matters and maintains constant contact with product users to ensure value, maximize efficacy and enhance the bottom line. Plus, we are proud to deliver products that enhance job satisfaction, by cutting down on time spent on the least favorite tasks on the farm, such as pressure washing barns.

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