Eric Spell Appointed to NPPC LEADR Program

SWASH™ Division Manager, Eric Spell, was recently asked to serve as a member of the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) Legislative Education Action Development Resource (LEADR) program.

LEADR, which was created to help advance pork production issues and defend against public policy that might negatively impact the industry, trains participants on the NPPC and its role, and an explanation of legislative and regulatory processes.

Developed with grassroots participants in mind, the LEADR training program teaches volunteers how to effectively communicate the pork production story to state and federal legislators and other key stakeholders.

“Serving in the LEADR program is an opportunity to give back and help support the industry as we work to address the numerous misconceptions the general public still holds about the pork industry,” said Spell. “With many annual events being cancelled, it’s even more important right now to personally connect with and educate legislators about the realities and challenge we face.”

Learn more about the LEADR program here.