Chemicals Division Leadership Prepared for HCl Growth

While the hydrochloric acid (HCl) market often maintains a consistent supply and demand, global events in the last two years have required HCl suppliers to be nimble as the world adjusted to changing circumstances. Jones-Hamilton Co. is pleased that our Chemicals Division has been led through this period by Steffi Korte, an industry veteran with a proven leadership style.

Korte has been with Jones-Hamilton since 2019 and was promoted to Division Manager in 2021. She began her career in the chemical industry in the 1990s, working as a product manager for a German specialty chemicals company. Korte moved to the US in 1997 on an expatriate assignment as marketing manager for a company that would soon thereafter merge with Honeywell. She was promoted to Global Sales & Marketing Manager for the Honeywell specialty pigments division in 2001. Over the following 18 years, Korte held positions at other well-known industry corporations such as OxyChem and SigmaAldrich (now Merck Millipore).

Today, in her role as Division Manager, Chemicals, Korte applies a laissez-faire management style to allow her team to leverage their knowledge and expertise to contribute in their own unique way to the overall success of the company. She has focused on optimizing schedules for maximum efficiency. “I look forward to the future of HCl growth and to creating a 21st century business-group that is inclusive, respectful of every team member, consistently high-performing and a strong contributor to Jones-Hamilton’s success,” commented Korte.