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Potassium Acid Sulfate (KAS)

Potassium Acid Sulfate (KAS):

Jones-Hamilton Co. introduces a new acidulant, potassium acid sulfate (KAS). Like our current acidulant pHase® (sodium acid sulfate), KAS functions similar for pH reduction and food safety uses. The bisulfate ion (HSO4-) in both products is the acid component; it has a pKa value of 1.99. 

Potassium acid sulfate (KHSO4) provides the same benefits as pHase® (NaHSO4) +

  • lower pH without a sour taste
  • Sodium reduction
  • Sweetener reduction
  • Easily dissolves in water
  • Safe to store and handle

See the pHase® FAQ page for more information on these benefits

However it has two important differences.  It contains no sodium and is not hydroscopic (does not absorb water from the air). These differences make it ideal for dry blended products such as dry drink mixes and reduced sodium products. The following research reports give an overview of its use.

Eureka beverage study on Sodium and potassium 

Guelph sodium reduction study on sodium and potassium

In addition to KAS not being hygroscopic it has the following differences when compared to pHase®.

Usage rate comparison for pH reduction of Toledo City water

  pHase KAS  Citric Acid
PH  %ww %ww %ww
7.750 0.000 0.000 0.000
4.000 0.035 0.039 0.041
3.800 0.035 0.039 0.045
3.600 0.036 0.040 0.055
3.400 0.038 0.043 0.069
3.200 0.040 0.045 0.088
3.000 0.046 0.052 0.159
2.800 0.056 0.063 0.225


Contact Jones-Hamilton Co. to request a sample and learn more about KAS.